Sep 16, 2010

Release Delay

Unfortunately, the cleanup task of the Frodo Redpill source code was underestimated. More time is needed before it's released. Also, the changes have effects to the ICU64, which has a GREAT progress these days, after a year of suspension.

The pending releases are:
- a great new version of ICU64 / Frodo Redpill
- the source code of Frodo Redpill
- sample code (C++/C#/Mathematica) that handles Frodo Redpill

I'll try to make them available as soon as possible and, in any case, before the 2011.

My apology to all those who follow this project
and they were waiting for a new release now,


Feb 26, 2010

Interview in Commodore Free Magazine

The Commodore Free Magazine is a free electronic magazine dedicated to the Commodore. Some days ago, Nigel Parker (the editor) asked me for an interview about my project. So if anyone looks for information about the ICU64, they can be found on the current issue (Issue 37).

I would like to thank Nigel Parker for his questions because they really pushed me to think some things better. Also I want to thank him for his patience because my text was full of spelling errors and several corrections had to be made.

Any comment or question after reading the interview is welcome.