Oct 28, 2012

ICU64 for VICE 2.3 v0.1.2 - Released

An update of the ICU64 for the VICE emulator is available for download (you also need the VICE 2.3 emulator). There are no new features, only better functionality. My goal is to inject the REDPILL into the VICE, so more features could be supported in the future. I'm working on it...
(see the included readme file for instructions)

Note for programmers:
This time I modified the VICE source code to fix the bank issues of the memmap feature (the mod is here).

EDIT: I forgot to fix the zoom-out crash bug that occurs in the 64-bit versions of Windows. A patch is available in the download page.

Sep 30, 2012

ICU64 for Frodo Redpill v0.1.5 - Released

Eventually, after 3 years, a new version of ICU64 is ready for download. Several bugs and issues have fixed, additional functionality and features have added. Note however, that this version is not the one that I was working on the last years (i.e. v0.2). This is only an update of the initial release, where I have paste as much code as I could from v0.2 without corrupting the functionality. My goal is to make the raster view equally significant with the memory (matrix) view, so the development is being continued...

Report any bug/issue/request in the comments or via e-mail.

Good hack!