Oct 28, 2012

ICU64 for VICE 2.3 v0.1.2 - Released

An update of the ICU64 for the VICE emulator is available for download (you also need the VICE 2.3 emulator). There are no new features, only better functionality. My goal is to inject the REDPILL into the VICE, so more features could be supported in the future. I'm working on it...
(see the included readme file for instructions)

Note for programmers:
This time I modified the VICE source code to fix the bank issues of the memmap feature (the mod is here).

EDIT: I forgot to fix the zoom-out crash bug that occurs in the 64-bit versions of Windows. A patch is available in the download page.


  1. Great stuff, keep it up. One of the most innovative programms in the emuscene the last years :)

  2. finally, an update! great! honestly, your tool helped me SOOOOOOOOOO much, i cannot put it in words. see a brief hommage here:
    thank you!!

  3. It's really very nice video. The music and the whole edit, it's "force" you to staring at it. I'm glad if I helped somehow : )

  4. great version, thank you !
    that's what i was waiting for.. after frodo version..
    honestly, i was hopeless for icu64 for winvice 2.3, but this is great !
    (i was searching for precompiled winvice2.3 with memmap, to use with older icu64, but now no need) :)

    your tool helps a lot for bugfixing..
    best regards,

    Erhan / N0S

  5. Thanks for this.
    Keep up the good work.
    Is there a way to poke some bytes to an adress?

  6. @William - Double click at memory view.
    (press F1 for help on main menu and on every other window).

  7. @mathfigure - Thanks, but I ment directly from windows, or through winvice api's.
    Is the sourcecode available for us?

  8. @William - Neither any source code not any api is available yet. The source code of FRODO REDPILL and an API that will allow peeks & pokes, both are planed with v0.2. And as for the "VICE REDPILL", this is under developement.
    Currently the only kind of applications that you can do with/for icu64 is memory maps.

  9. Thanks for info. Will look forward to next release.

  10. I can't believe that you've actually released the new version. Thanks for all the hard work Mathfigure, you are brilliant!

  11. Hey man, are you alive and well ?
    There hasn't been updates to your projects in long time, hope everything is all right...

    ps. Still using ICU from the moment you released it :)

  12. @Vladimir
    I'm ok, just the project has very irregular progress in time. Currently I'm making a step back in VICE Redpill code to deal with some memory bank issues :/ Redpill has re-injected from scratch both in Frodo and in VICE, the mess has gone now, and the full source code of both emulators will be available too. Still about a month of work, though.

  13. A month passed but it wasn't a month of development; breaks are necessary. Still not close to release anything. When the time is about to come there will be a notice.

  14. I look forward to customizable labeled memory maps for each game, it would make deciphering game data much easier and faster.

  15. @Anonymous
    Data labeling needs understanding of their meaning, first. And there is a step before that.
    A new color schema that I added in the memory view, allows you to organize the data extremely fast even if you don't understand their meaning!
    Since the v0.2 is still late, I'll make an update to the current version (this month, i hope), so you can test it.

  16. καλή μέρα. Any plans to make the registers and flags visible? I've been using ICU64 for troubleshooting a game I'm writing and it works great except for seeing the registers and flags. Thanks.

    1. In ver 0.2 which will be a major update. Alternative use the Frodo version of ICU64, and choose the 'I/O' menu item.